The team is headed up by Richard Booth and Nigel Lord, who ran the Rochdale Canal Workshop at Callis Mill from 1982 up until the formation of Hargreaves Lock gates in 2008. It is their combined experience, knowledge and skill, working exclusively in the canal restoration industry that guarantees the quality of our work. Since 1982 they have made or restored over 800 lock gates and tidal doors for customers all over the country.

We make lock gates and tidal doors using Oak, Ekki or Greenheart. We are FSC® and PEFC™ certified and can offer chain of custody traceability via our approved suppliers. Our quality systems can also ensure that where required by the customer, timber can be purchased from other third party approved sources.

We have worked in partnership or as sub-contractors with the following companies:

AMCO Clugston GalliFordTry Land & Water Morrison Construction VolkerStevin

York Gate footbridge

York Gate garden is on the northern edge of Leeds in the village of Adel. Once in private ownership the house and its garden were bequeathed to Perennial in 1994 so that the beautiful garden could be visited by the public.


Hargreaves were awarded the contract on the basis of value for money. In addition to their technical expertise, they are one of very few lock gate manufacturers with the production capacity to design, manufacture and deliver every element of this bespoke restoration project to meet our timescale. David Marshall - Stroud District Council.