Heybridge Lock Gates


At Hargreaves Lock gates we have made some pretty big lock gates before, but these for the Heybridge Basin near Maldon in Essex are right up there with the biggest.

The gates are just part of a larger flood defence project being undertaken on behalf of Essex and Suffolk Water (a subsidiary of Northumbria Water) for the benefit of Essex Waterways and the Inland Waterways Association (IWA). The main contractors are Integrated Water Services (IWS). These particular gates will help control flow from the end the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation into the River Blackwater.

Each gate in the pair is 5 metres square. The frames are made of Oak and the planking is made of Ekki. All the timber used has FSC approval. When completed they were too big to be transported without special measures, so they were designed to be dismantled. After they were completed we dismantled them, loaded them onto the wagon and despatched them to site. The team then went onto site at Heybridge and re-assembled them ready for installation. This work was carried out between July and October 2016 and we are expecting to be back on site in January 2017 to install and commission the gates.